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Probation & Pretrial Info

Our Vision

We, the members of Probation and Pretrial Services,
effectively contribute to the achievement of justice and the enhancement of community safety.
The defendants/offenders under our charge demonstrate lawful and sustainable self-regulation,
willfully comply with court orders and compassionately take action to repair the harm they have caused.


Mission Statement 

We are dedicated to Achieving Justice and Enhancing Community Safety by:

Providing accurate, thorough, and objective information and our best judgment to the Court for the issuance of individualized, fair, and equitable court orders; 
Holding offenders accountable for their criminal actions, facilitating victim reparation, and requiring compliance with court mandates; 
Establishing an effective working alliance with each offender to guide them toward lawful self-management, promoting changes in offenders’ values and beliefs, improving their competencies and skills, and addressing the factors that are driving their criminal behaviors;
 Assessing individual risk of re-offending, developing the most cost-effective strategies and interventions, and utilizing the best evidence to make decisions; 
Engaging families and communities in our mission and establishing collaboration among justice system partners.