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Offender Reentry

Reentry is the transition period that begins when an individual starts preparing for release from incarceration.  During this transition, a probation officer is assigned to supervise the individual, which involves balancing short-term community protection with the ultimate goal of long-term community safety when individuals learn lawful self-management.  Persons under supervision and probation officers jointly develop supervision plans to address each individual’s needs, risk factors, and conditions of their release.

Probation officers play a vital role of assisting with successful transition by helping individuals with the development of skills and motivation to remain lawful.  Additionally, probation officers work with individuals to target their identified areas of risk, which can include referring them to resources which will help them sustain lawfulness.  This may include cognitive behavioral training, employment or educational opportunities, or other treatment programs.  Lastly, probation officers assist with successful reentry by ensuring the person under supervision follows their conditions of release.