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Offender Workforce Development Program

South Dakota Offender Workforce Development 


The Offender Workforce Development program in the District of South Dakota will assist unemployed and underemployed offenders to obtain and retain an enhanced quality of employment. We are committed to building an offender workforce where diversity is recognized and respected.


1. The U.S. Probation Office Offender Workforce Development Specialist will work in partnership with the South Dakota Career Centers, contracted halfway houses, as well as with other identified partners and providers to assist offenders in this process. Education needs of the offender will also be assessed to determine if further referrals are appropriate. 
2. The employment program will provide five main components: assessment, Discovery, job readiness, training/education, and placement follow-up/retention,
3. Measurements will be taken throughout the process for program improvement as well as to assess reduction in unemployment and recidivism.
1. Prerelease inmates that are in contracted halfway houses scheduled for release to the District of South Dakota. 
2. Offenders under the supervision of the U.S. Probation Office in the District of South Dakota.

1. Offenders must be unemployed or underemployed for a period of thirty days prior to referral to the Offender Workforce Development program. 
2. Offenders may also be appropriate for the program if they have minimal or no job history or skills.
3. Offenders will not have any chronic non-compliance or have a pending criminal case or revocation hearing for which incarceration is a possible disposition.
4. Offenders must have copies of a Social Security Card and a photo identification card prior to referral to the program.