Mission Statement

We are dedicated to Achieving Justice and Enhancing Community Safety by:

  • Providing accurate, thorough, and objective information and our best judgment to the Court for the issuance of individualized, fair, and equitable court orders; 
  • Holding offenders accountable for their criminal actions, facilitating victim reparation, and requiring compliance with court mandates; 
  • Establishing an effective working alliance with each offender to guide them toward lawful self-management, promoting changes in offenders’ values and beliefs, improving their competencies and skills, and addressing the factors that are driving their criminal behaviors;
  •  Assessing individual risk of re-offending, developing the most cost-effective strategies and interventions, and utilizing the best evidence to make decisions; 
  • Engaging families and communities in our mission and establishing collaboration among justice system partners.

Our Vision:

 We, the members of Probation and Pretrial Services, effectively contribute to the achievement of justice and the enhancement of community safety. The information and recommendations we provide to the Court facilitate just decisions and foster the best possible justice outcomes. The individuals we supervise choose to be lawful, willfully comply with court orders, and compassionately take action to repair the harm they have caused.

Our Values:

It is an honor and privilege to perform meaningful service for the public.
We faithfully perform our duties in an effort to earn the public trust.

These Shared Values Guide Us As We Fulfill The Mission With Which We Have Been Entrusted:

Our commitment to justice drives us to be honest, fair, and compassionate to each other and those we serve.  We are accountable for our decisions and the impact of our actions.

We honor and respect the dignity and worth of every individual, affirm human potential, act with empathy, and embrace diversity.

We believe change is essential to the dynamic nature of our work.  We create a learning environment where we and those we serve take courageous steps toward individual growth and systemic progress through competency building, effective communication, and utilizing evidence based practices.

We believe every employee can achieve personal satisfaction and fulfillment in their work, by commitment to the mission, exercising individual responsibility, building competency, and by supporting coworkers.  We support a work environment where contributions are appreciated and conditions are safe and fair.